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Wise recruiters have the practical prior career & the recruitment experience to assist employers workshop the profile of a best fit candidate.

Adding a new employee to an existing team or joining a new organisation? Both are pretty daunting prospects that are loaded with pitfalls for both sides of the equation.

At Wise we understand there are 3 basic reasons to outsource your recruitment assignment

You can't find the right candidate?

Wise Recruitment is networked across many highly specialised candidate pools. Most of our team themselves having operated at senior levels in those industries / professions and are still very active members in their specialised fields.

You don't have the time?

Having you or your staff distracted from your firm’s core activity is to permit a holiday from the activity responsible for your profit making. Especially if the new hire is a profit contributor. Time lost until their active participation in your company while you try to fit in both a recruitment assignment and your normal daily work is just profit opportunity lost.

You don't have the experience?

It’s no shame to admit that your staff do not have the specialized skill set and / or practice to competently hire. We do it full time, we have studied and we are practiced, giving a guarantee to the quality of our work. Highly specialized, one off roles in a company are particularly tricky as you also need to learn the current professional certifications and legislations pertaining to that occupation.

Wise Recruitment uses a wide range of sources to find the very best candidates for your role.

Wise Recruitment has the latest in systems and databases available to the recruitment sector. The systems are standardized across our divisions. The database includes candidates that have been interviewed by a consultant and are currently actively pursuing new career opportunities.