About Us

Finding great people is what we do.

At Wise Recruitment we invest considerable effort to ensure the recruitment process is smooth and that you end up with a great result. The starting point of the recruitment process is a consultation with the hiring manager in order to identify and analyse the roles’ need. We seek to gain an understanding of our clients’ organisational characteristics at the beginning of the recruitment process so that we can effectively deliver a recruitment solution that works for you.

Wise Recruitment is a full service recruitment company whose services include:


Job description including identifying the major & minor duties & competencies


Developing strategies for attracting the right candidate pool


Thorough candidate screening and behavioural interviewing


Skill assessments


Psychometric assessment

We do believe it is all about identifying the competencies & skills most required to perform the duties that make up a role in your company.

Our recruiters are trained and have themselves come from senior management working backgrounds in their chosen field of expertise. Their prior Management and recruitment experiences assist them to understand your imperatives as an employer. We offer their talent as a resource for you to call upon to minimize your risks of employing.

Meet our professional team

The people that know how to...

Graham Cross

Graham discovered many years ago the simple truth that when you give a client what they want, you get what you want! So as a recruiter his focus is entirely on the welfare of the client!

A business manager for over 20 years Graham has recruited many people learning much about the art of finding those who are the right fit.

Graham knows from his real world experience what is needed when it comes to delivering properly qualified candidates. As well as being highly methodical and process driven in his approach, when you combine that with Graham's naturally intuitive nature, he has gained a reputation for delivering both high level service and candidates to his clients.


Rob Wise

Following a successful corporate career to senior management, Rob commenced the Wise Recruitment company. His personal recruitment activity is wide ranging having recruited candidates into roles that include Operational, Legal, Medical, Sales, Accounting, Engineering, Management and various Blue Collar occupations.

Wise Recruitment subscribes to a competency based behavioral selection methodology which method works across the entire range of hiring intent. The firm ascribes to the values of a boutique oriented service focused on quality assignment not quantity.


Garry Wylie

Garry has worked in the Australian and International IT & T Industries since 1975, holding positions from Business Development Manager to General Manager of a public company.

  • Achieved personal and group multi-million dollar annual revenue budgets
  • Hired, trained, managed and mentored all levels of sales and technical staff
  • Lead sales and support teams of 20+ staff

Garry has built vast industry and general business knowledge. He has been in the position of manager and sales person and therefore knows what constitutes a quality candidate and just as importantly, how to identify and attract them.